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Jack's Snacks

Jack's Snacks


All nutural, wild caught dried pollock dog treat (150g)


Available for purchase in the Ottawa/Gatineau area through Belliveau's Quality Frozen Foods


For wholesale inquiries please call or e-mail BCD Fisheries Ltd.


Our family business has been drying pollock for human consumption for over 35 years, but has been enjoyed by others too. Our Belgian Shepherd, Jack, was crazy about the stuff. Thus, "Jack's Snacks" was born! Sadly, Jack is no longer with us, but his name lives on through his favourite treat. We make it our priority to oversee the quality of our fish from the moment it's brought aboard our boat, through the filleting process in our plant, to the final wind dried product.


We hope your four-legged family member will enjoy this all-natural treat as much as our Jack did!

- One ingredient
- All natural/wild caught
- Low sodium
- 100% fit for human consumption

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